Choral Music for Male Chorus

Work List by Voicing (1. Mixed, 2. Female/Children)

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Title (voicing / instrumentation / language / secular or sacred)

Ako'ngare-to Tomoni (With Adoration)

 1. [Uta-ni Ako'ngarete (Falling in Love with Singin)

 2. On'ngaku-ni Natte (Music Coming to Be)

 3. Ketsui (Determination)

 4. Boku-nga Utau Wake (Why I Sing)

 5. Boku-no Uta-nga Tsu'dzukuwake (Why My Music Continues)

  (TTBB, SATB / Pno. / JPN / secular)

Yozora-no Kioku-no Dokokani (Memory of the Night Sky)

 1. Ho'shi-wa Nani-wo (Stars, I Wonder)

 2. Tanabata-no Omoi (Wishes of the Star Festival)

 3. Hanabi-to Tsuki-to (Fireworks and a Moon)

 4. Oboro'dzukiyo-no Namida (Tears in the Night with a Hazy Moon)

  (SA, SAB, SATB, TB, TTB, TBB, or TTBB / Pno. / JPN / secular)

Anoko-no Kioku-no Dokokani (Somehere in Her Memory)

 1. Ano Oto (Those Sounds)

 2. Mura-no Kajiya (The Village Blacksmith)

 3. Ano Kyoku (Those Tune)

 4. Murama'tsuri (The Village Festival)

 5. Kono Mi'chi, Hurusato-e (The Road to My Homeland)

  (SA, SAB, SATB, TB, TTB, TBB, or TTBB / Pno. / JPN / secular)


 1. Locus Felix (The Happy Place)

 2. Avis Phoenix (Phoenix, the Bird)

 3. Mors et Resurrectio Phoenicis (Death and Resurrection of the Phoenix)

 4. Carmen Phoenici (Song to the Phoenix)

  (SATB or TTBB / Large Orch., Chamber Orch., Pno. or Org. / LTN / secular)

Shiawase-wo Ta'shikametakute (Clinging to Happiness)

 1. Supai (Spy)

 2. Kaminari-nga Naru Mae-ni (Before the Next Thunderclap)

 3. Dō'shiyōmonai Boku-ni Ten'shi-nga Oritekita (The Angel Descended to Miserable Me)

 4. Koto'shi-no Huyu (This Winter)

  (TTBB / Pno. / JPN / secular)

For You and Me

 1. Circle of Life (The Lion King)

 2. Grim Grinning Ghost (The Haunted Mansion)

 3. A Whole New World (Aladdin)

 4. Let It Go (Frozen)


Kasanaru Koe-ni (To Layered Voices)

  (SMA, SATB, TBB / a capplla or Pno. / JPN / secular)

Kimi'ngayo (Japanese National Anthem)

  (TTBB / a capplla / JPN / secular)

A Boy's Inspiration

 1. An April Day

 2. The Day is Done

 3. The Rainy Day

 4. A Psalm of Life

 5. The Arrow and the Song

 6. My Lost Youth

  (TTBB / Pno. / ENG / secular)

O Christmas Tree

  (TTBB / a cappella / ENG)

Fabulae Persei (Tales of Perseus)

 1. Perseus Iuvenis (The Young Perseus)

 2. Eius Die Natali (On His Birthday)

 3. Typhon (Typhon)

 4. Imprecatio (The Curse)

 5. Epistula Andromedae (Andromeda's Letter)

 6. Arma Deorum (Arms from the Gods)

 7. Medusa (Medusa)

 8. Pegasus, Equus Ales (Pegasus, a Winged Horse)

 9. Proelium cum Typhone (Battle with Typhon)

 10. Perseus Heros (THe Hero Perseus)

  (TTBB or SATB/ Org., Pno. / LTN / secular) with opt. Narration & Percussion

Arbor Mundi (World Tree)

 1. Expergisci (Awakening)

 2. Strepitus Candidi (White Noises)

 3. Hasta Fulminea (Spear of Lightning)

 4. Carmen Imbris (Song of Rain)

 5. Sensus (A Sensation)

 6. Carmen Arboris Mundi (World Tree Song)

  (TTBB or SATB / Pno. / LTN / secular)

Tsuna'ngari (Connection)

  (SA, SSAA, SAB, SATB or TTBB / a cappella or Pno. / JPN / secular)

Forever Forward

  (SATB / a cappella or Pno. / ENG / secular)

Mae-e (Forward)

  (SA, SSAA, SAB, SATB or TTBB / a cappella or Pno. or Orch. / JPN / secular)

Sweet Days

  (SATB or TTBB / a cappella / ENG / secular)

Then Christmas Comes

  (TTBB / a cappella / ENG / sacred)