Kentaro Sato (Ken-P)


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2017 Nov. 2-5

 Ken-P hosted "Chorus Central Vol. 3" a choral camp/recording event (Aichi, Japan).

2017 Nov. 2

 Ken-P was awarded "Hamamatsu Award for Culture and Education (Artist category)" from City of Hamamatsu. In 2018-2019 budget year, CD recording of his musical works for symphonic band/ensemble will be made as a related project.

2017 Oct.

 Ken-P perticipated orchestral/choral recording session for a video game title as a session producer/orchestrator/arranger.

2017 Aug. 25-28

 Ken-P recorded his "Requiem Pacis" and "Laetentur Caeli" with Budapest Symphony Orchestra and Hungarian Radio Chorus in Budapest, Hungary.

Ken-P adjudicated at the following competitions, during summer 2017.

 Jul. 24-25 NHK School Chorus Competition Chiba Round (Chiba, Japan)

 Jul. 27-30 NHK School Chorus Competition Tokyo Qualifing Round (Tokyo, Japan)

 Aug. 1-2 NHK School Chorus Competition Saitama Round (Saitama, Japan)

 Aug. 9-10 NHK School Chorus Competition Yamaguchi Round (Yamaguchi, Japan)

 Aug. 19 Chiba Chorus Compesition (Chiba, Japan)

 Aug. 20 Saitama Chorus Competition (Saitama, Japan)

 Sep. 2-3 NHK School Chorus Competition Hokkaido Block Round (Hokkaido, Japan)

2017 Jul. 16

 Ken-P gave a choral workshop in Ibaraki, Japan.

2017 Jul. 1

 Ken-P conducted the Meiji Univ. Glee Club at the 56th Meiji & Ritsumeikan Joint Concert. (Osaka, Japan).

2017 Jun. 24-25

 Ken-P gave a two-day choral workshop in Nagasaki, Japan, hosted Nagasaki Choral Association.

2017 Jun. 18

 A choral piece "Otama (Musical Tadpoles)" was given premiere by Chor Lasku at Shizuoka Chorus Festival (Shizuoka, Japan).

2017 May 29

 New printed Choral scores available now at Amazon USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Japan.

2017 May 25

 Ken-P reviewed ”Spitfire Audio London Contemporary Orchestra Strings" on the Sound and Recording Magazine (Ritto Music, 2017 July) .

2017 May 17

 Ken-P gave a choral workshop in Koriyama (Fukushima, Japan).

2017 May 6

 Ken-P conducted Meiji Univ. Glee Club at the 66th concert of Tokyo Rokudaigaku Male Chorus Associaiton, and performed the Male Chorus version of a choral suite "Phoenix."

2017 Apr 26

 Ken-P orchestrated music for an iOS/Android video game "Kurokishi-to Shiro-no Mao" produced by Grani inc. The recording has been done in Czech.

2017 Mar. 28

 Ken-P's new commissioned choral piece "Colors of Water" was premiered by the Master Singers of Fairfax Choral Society (VA, USA).

2017 Mar. 24

 Ken-P guest-conducted at the concert of Hamakita Children's Chorus (Shizuoka, Japan)

2017 Mar. 12

 Ken-P adjudicated at the Kanto Vocal Ensemble Contest (Shizuoka, Japan)

2017 Mar. 9

 Ken-P lectured at the choral workshop hosted by Hitachinaka Choral Associaiton. (Ibaraki, Japan)

2017 Feb. 27

 Ken-P involved a soundtrack production of an Indian movie "Baahubali 2: The Conclusion" as an orchestrator/additional composer. (Hyderabad, India & Sofia, Bulgaria)

2017 Feb. 18

 Magazine "Hanna" featured an interview article on Ken-P's studio.

2017 Feb. 4-5

 Ken-P lectured at two workshops hosted by Hiroshima Choral Association. (Hiroshima, Japan)

2017 Jan. 29

 Ken-P adjudicated at the 27th Shizuoka Vocal Ensemble Contest (Shizuoka, Japan)

2016 Dec. 22-25

 Chorus Central vol 2, a chorus camp and recording event!

2016 Dec. 16

 The page for a choral suite "A Boy's Inspiration" for Male Chorus and Piano is now open!

2016 Dec. 4

 Ken-P conducted Meiji Univ. Glee Club at its 65th Annual Concert (Tokyo, Japan). The concert also featured a new choral suite "Shiawase-wo Ta'shikametakute (Clinging to Happiness)" for Male Chorus and PIano.

2016 Nov. 5-6

 Ken-P gave a chorus workshop and conducted his newly-commisioned choral work "Uta'ngoe-wa Kawarazu" at the 31st Japan Cultural Festival. (Aichi, Japan)

2016 Nov. 3

 Ken-P conducted at the World Music Festival in Hamamatsu 2016, featuring his choral and orchestral works, and new commissioned suite "Phoenix" for mixed chorus and orchestra.

 for more about "Phoenix"

YouTube Video from the Premiere

2016 Oct. 10

 Ken-P adjudicated at NHK School Chorus Competition Jr. High Category Final and Live-Broadcaste round (Tokyo, Japan).

2016 Oct. 2

 Ken-P gave a workshop in Singing Japanese, English, and Latin IPA, hosted by Pamanusica Inc. (Kyoto, Japan)

2016 Sep 17-18,

 Ken-P adjudicated at All-Japan Choral Competition, Hokkaido round, Jr. and High school categories (Hokkaido, Japan).

2016 Aug 27,

 Ken-P adjudicated at All-Japan Choral Competiion, Shizuoka round (Shizuoka, Japan).

2016 Aug. 10,

  Ken-P was an an adjudicator at NHK School Chorus Competition Jr. High School Catergory Chiba round (Chiba, Japan).

2016 Aug. 8,

 Ken-P gave attented a press release for UNESCO World Music Concerts in November at Hamamatsu (Shizuoka, Japan).

2016 Aug. 3,

  Ken-P was an adjudicator at All-Japan High School Cultural Festival (Hiroshima, Japan).

2016 Jul 25,

 Ken-P reviewed ”Universal Audio UAD-2 Satellite USB" on the Sound and Recording Magazine (Ritto Music, 2016 Sep) .


2016 Jul. 24-26,

  Ken-P was an an adjudicator at NHK School Chorus Competition High School Catergory Tokyo qualifying round (Tokyo, Japan).

2016 Jul. 17,

 Ken-P gave a choral workshop in Ibaraki (Tsukuba, Japan).

2016 Jul. 10

  Chorus Felice (Japan) premiered the mixed chorus version of "Uta-ni Ako'ngarete (Falling in Love with Singing)" from a choral suite "Ako'ngare-to Tomoni (With Adoration)."

listen to 1. Uta-ni Ako'ngarete (Falling in Love with Singing)

2016 Jul. 2

 Ken-P conducted the 55th Meiji Ritsumeikan Joint Chorus Concert (Tokyo, Japan).

2016 Jun. 19

 Ken-P gave a choral workshop at Mie Choral Festival (Mie, Japan).

2016 Jun. 18

 Ken-P gave a NHK Shizuoka choral workshop (Hamamatsu, Japan).

2016 Jun. 12

 Ken-P gave a choral workshop on the set piece of NHK All-School Choral Competition, Jr High category (Tokyo, Japan).

2016 Jun. 11

 Ken-P gave a NHK Ehime choral workshop (Ehime, Japan).

2016 Jun. 5

 Ken-P gave a choral workshop for Jr High part leaders (Tokyo, Japan).

2016 Jun. 4

 Ken-P gave a NHK Osaka choral workshop (Osaka, Japan).

2016 May. 21

 Ken-P lectured in a broadcasted TV program, Super Chorus Workshop (NHK, ETV)

2016 May. 7

 A recording of several Ken-P's works for children's chorus was held in Chiba, Japan.

2016 May. 4

 Ken-P conducted Meiji Univ. Glee Club at the 65th Tokyo Six Colligate Male Choruses Joint Concert (Tokyo, Japan).

2016 Apr. 29

 Ken-P guest-conducted the Joint Chorus at the 31st Tokyo Four Colligate Female Choruses Joint Concert (Tokyo, Japan). Also, it featured Wakaba-no Omoi (piano accomp. ver).

 We did a recording session too!

2016 Apr. 25

 Ken-P appears in an article “SQEX Dissidia Arcade Orchestra & Choir Recording at Abbey Road Studios” of the Sound and Recording Magazine (Ritto Music, 2016 July)  as the arranger, orchestrator and conductor.

2016 Mar. 26

 Ken-P appeared as a guest lecturer at NHK Super Chorus Class. The broadcast date is on May 21.

2016 Mar. 18

 Ken-P's article on appeared on Kyoikuongaku Jr.High/High School ver. April 2016.

2016 Feb. 2-6

 Ken-P recorded his orhestral works with Bulgarian National Radio Symphony Orchestra. The CD release is expected in May/June 2016!

2016 Jan. 4

 Ken-P to arrange this year's set piece of NHK All School Choral Competition, Jr. High Category.

2015 Dec. 26-29

 Chorus Central, the first choral recording project has finished (Aichi, Japan).

2015 Dec. 20

 Dec. 20, Ken-P to guest-conducted at the winter concert of Kimitsu Children's Chorus (Chiba, Japan)

2015 Dec. 20

 Ken-P to gave a choral workshop in Chiba (Chiba, Japan).

2015 Dec. 11

 Ken-P conducted at the 35th Meiji Univ. Glee Club annual concert. (Tokyo, Japan), featuring the premiere of new commissioned choral suite "Ako'ngare-to Tomo-ni" for TTBB and Piano.

 Visit this page for info of "Ako'ngareto Tomo-ni."

2015 Dec. 6

Ken-P adjudicated at Hitachinaka City Choral Festival (Ibaraki, Japan).

2015 Nov. 26

 SQEX’s new arcade game “Dissidia: Final Fantasy” has started to operate.
Ken-P has provided orchestral arrangements, Latin lyrics and other musical supports to the game. The orchestral and  choral recording session was done at the Abbey Road Studios in London with London Symphony Orchestra and Crouch End Festival Chorus under Ken-P’s conducting and direction.



2015 Oct. 30

 Ken-P to give a choral workshop at Pre-festival of Hiroshima All-Japan High School Festival (Hiroshima, Japan).

  Workshop material "Mae-e"

2015 Oct. 18

 Ken-P to give a choral workshop at the 25th Mito City Chorus Workshop (Ibaraki, Japan).

  Workshop material "Yozora-no Kioku-no Dokokani"

2015 Oct. 13

 Ken-P's printed music scores will be distributed via Amazon Canada!

2015 Oct. 11

 Ken-P guest-conducted his "Requiem Pacis" at the 20th anniversary concert of Shizuoka Mixed Chorus Hibiki (Shizuoka, Japan).

2015 Oct. 10

 Ken-P arranged “Inochi-no Relay” for mixed chorus for the special stage broadcast of the 2015 NHK Chorus Competition High School Category Final Round.

2015 Jul. 12

 Ken-P conducted the Meiji Univ. Glee Club at a joint concert with Ritsumeikan University (Osaka, Japan).

2015 Jun. 27

 Ken-P guest-conducted middle school & high school joint chorus at Kanagawa Choral Festival (Kanagawa, Japan).

2015 Jun. 16

 Ken-P authored Chapter 3 (North American Choral Works) & Appendix (IPA, and English/French/Italian/German Pronunciations) of "International Choral Repatoires for Chorus <Gaikokugo-Sakuhin-ga Wakaru Hon>" Yamaha Music Media (Tokyo, Japan).

2015 Jun. 13-14

 Ken-P guest-conducted at the Aichi Chorus Festival.

2015 Jun. 5

 Ken-P adjudicated at Ken'nan District Choral Festival (Fukushima, Japan).

2015 May. 30

 The premiere of a commissioned choral piece "Alchimia Mundi" for St Teresa of Avila 500th Anniversary (Spain) was given by Coro Infantil Amici Mei (Spain).

2015 May. 21

 Ken-P conducted Meiji Univ. Glee Club at a friendship party with Tarleton State University Chamber Choir.

2015 May. 16

 Ken-P gave a choral workshop for elementary school choirs (Nagano, Japan).

2015 May. 5

 Ken-P conducted Kimitsu Children's Choir for the premiere of his new choral suite "Toki-wo Koeru Omoi-ni" for SA and Piano (Tokyo, Japan).

 Listen to
 1. Na'ngarebo'shi-no Me'ssēji
 2. Kokoro-no Taimu-ma'shīn


2015 May. 4

 Ken-P conducted Meiji Univ. Glee Club at the 64th Tokyo Rokudaigaku Choral Association Concert (Tokyo, Japan).

2015 Mar. 30-31

 Ken-P to give a lecture to his new choral suite "Toki-wo Koeru Omoi-ni (To Timeless Feelings)" for SA and Piano at a choral workshop hosted by Zennihon Gassho Fukyukai (Tokyo, Japan).

2015 Mar. 14

 Ken-P to be an adjucator at the Hiroshima Vocal Ensemble Contest.

2015 Mar. 8

 Ken-P to guest-conduct at Pray From KOBE (Kobe, Hyogo)

2015 Jan 31

 Ken-P to give a chorus workshop in Chiba. (OPEN ICTUS)

2015 Jan (mid)

 Ken-P arranged and conducted the new recordings for Tokyo Disney Resort, Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea.



2015 Jan 4

 Ken-P to give a chorus workshop in Nagoya.

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