A Choral Piece "Then Christmas Comes"

 for Male Chorus (TTBB), or a cappella

合唱曲「Then Christmas Comes」


Music by Kentaro Sato (Ken-P)

作曲 佐藤賢太郎(Ken-P)

Male Chorus ver. TTBB (男声版)

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Then Christmas Comes

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 We walk along life's selfish path unmindful of our brothers,
Then Christmas comes with three Wisemen and makes us think of others.

 We group along 'mid problems grim like children lost at night,
Then Christmas comes with a bright star and gives us guiding light.

 We toil, moil, struggle and long for sweet release,
And we lose the lilt of living as we plod along,
Then Christmas comes with a wee Babe and gives the gift of peace.
With Angeles, Christmas comes and fills our hearts with song.

about the Commission and the Premiere

 This work was commissioned by Brethren (Virginia/Washington D.C., USA).