A Choral Suite "Laetentur Caeli (Let the Heaves Enjoy)"

 for Mixed Chorus with Orchestra, Organ or Piano

合唱組曲「Laetentur Caeli」


Music by Kentaro Sato (Ken-P)

作曲 佐藤賢太郎(Ken-P)

Full Score (総譜)

Chorus/Piano ver. SATB (合唱・ピアノ伴奏)

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 1. Laetitia (Joy)

 2. Misericordia (Mercy)

 3. Iustitia (Justice)

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Latin / ラテン語

1. Laetítia
Laeténtur caeli, et exsúltet terra,
Sonet mare et plenitúdo eius.

Cantáte Dómino cantícum nóvum,
Cantáte Dómino, omnis terra.

Sonet mare et plenitúdo eius,
Orbis terrárum et qui hábitant in eo.
Flúmina plaudent manu,
Simul montes exsultábunt.

Iubiláte Deo, omnis terra,
Erúmpite, exsultáte et psállite.


2. Misericórdia
Quóniam suávis est Dóminus,
In aetérnum misericórdia eius.

Alis suis obumbrábit tibi,
Et sub pennas eius confúgies.

Confitémini Dómino, quóniam bonus,
Quóniam in sǽculum misericórdia eius.


3. Iustitia
Qui diligítis Dóminum, ódite malum;
custódit ipse ánimas sanctórum suórum,
de manu peccatóris liberábit eos.

Lux orta est iusto,
Et rectis corde laetítia.

Laetámini, iusti, in Dómino
Et confitémini memóriae sanctitátis eius.


Laeténtur caeli, et exsúltet terra.
Cantáte Dómino, Allelúia.

English Translation / 英語訳

1. Joy
Let the heavens enjoy, and let the earth jump for joy;
Let sound the sea—and its fullness.

Sing to the Lord the new song;
Sing to the Lord “All the Earth.”

Let sound the sea—and its fullness,
The earthly orb and [they] who inhabit it.
Let the streams clap by [their] hand,
Simultaneously as the mountains will jump for joy.

Sing jubilantly to God “All the Earth”
Break forth, jump for joy, and strum your lyres.


2. Mercy
Since the Lord is inviting,
His mercy is unto the eternal.

He will cast a shadow over you by His wings,
And under His feathers, you will find refuge.

Confess to the Lord, since [He is] good,
Since His mercy [is] unto [your] generation.


3. Justice
You who cherish the Lord, hate the bad;
He Himself guards the souls of His saints;
He will free them from the hand of the sinner.

Light has arisen for the just,
And joyfulness for the righteous in heart.

Enjoy, just [ones], in the Lord,
And confess to the memory of His holiness.


Let the heavens enjoy, and let the earth jump for joy.
Sing to the Lord, Alleluia.

English Translation by Dr. Robert Zaslavsky

Instrumentation / 楽器編成

  • Mixed Chorus (SATB)
  • 4 Woodwinds (Piano or Organ)
  • Chamber Orchestra

 (1 Flute, 1 Oboe, 1 Clarinet in Bb, 1 Bassoon or Bass Clarinet in Bb)
 (1 Trumpet in Bb) optional
 (1st Violins, 2nd Violins, Violas, Cellos, Double Basses) *could be a string quartet

  • This work can be performed with the following instrumentation also:

  • Keyboard and Chamber Orchestra (Strings and/or Winds)
  • Chamber Orchestra only (Strings with/without Winds)
  • Keyboard only

Errata / 出版譜訂正

1st Mov. #67, change "Fku" of men to "Flu"
1st Mov. #92, add "vum" to the last note of male part like female.
P22, the 3rd mov., #25, add "a half note = c.65."

1楽章 67小節目、男声の「Fku」を「Flu」に修正
P22, 第三楽章 25小節目に、「二分音符=c.65」を追加


Program Note / プログラムノート

 coming soon.

about the Commission and the Premiere

 The work was premiered by the University Chorus of California State University, Northridge, conducted by Dr. Elmer Heerema on April 6, 2006.


 本楽曲は、University Chorus of California State University, Northridgeによる委嘱作品です。初演は2006年4月6日に行なわれました。