A Choral Piece "O Sacrum Convivium"

 for Mixed Vocal Qurtet or Chorus, a cappella

合唱曲「O Sacrum Convivium」


Music by Kentaro Sato (Ken-P)

作曲 佐藤賢太郎(Ken-P)

SATB ver. (混声四部)

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O Sacrum Convivium (O Sacred Banquet) (SATB Qurtet / カルテット)

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Latin Lyrics / 日本詩

O sacrum convívium,
in quo Christus súmitur,
recólitur memória passiónis ejus,
mens implétur grátia,
et futúræ glóriæ nobis pignus datur.

English Translation / 英語訳

O sacred banquet,
in which Christ is taken [into ourselves],
the memory of his Passion is recultivated,
the mind is filled up by grace,
and a pledge of future glory is given to us.

about the Commission and the Premiere

 This work was commissioned by the Vocal Ensemble "SACRE." The premiere performance was given by the Ensemble on Nov. 23, 2013 (Hiroshima, Japan).


 この楽曲は「Vocal Ensemble "SACRE"」による委嘱作品で、初演は同アンサンブルにより2013年11月23日に行われました。